virtualNeed to upgrade your network?

Don’t have the budget to buy all new hardware?

Virtualization is the answer.

Crystal Tec can help you implement a virtualization solution.
Virtualization allows for more up-time during hardware failure and gives you a faster network environment for significantly less cost.

Server Virtualization defined

Virtualization is a term that is often applied to a wide range of technologies. Basically, virtualizing a technology separates the software used in that particular area from the hardware it was previously  tied to. In the area of server virtualization, this means that multiple server operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc.) can be housed on a single piece of physical hardware. For example, two Windows servers and a Linux server running on three separate machines could be virtualized to run on a single blade server box.

Advantages of Virtualization

There are many advantages of a properly planned and implemented Virtualization project, such as:

Server consolidation: This is the most obvious benefit of virtualization. If applications running on separate servers do not make full use of their built in computing power, they can be consolidated onto a smaller number of virtual servers running on a single high powered server box using virtualization technology.

Smaller footprint: Virtualizing servers decreases the number of physical boxes that a company needs to use. This results in less space required for the server room, with resultant decreases in cooling and electrical costs.

Hardware costs: As Virtualization brings about more efficient use of existing resources, fewer physical servers are needed, thereby reducing costs on upfront hardware purchases and ongoing maintenance.

Flexibility and agility: With Virtualization it is easy to quickly create different operating system environments, which allows you to run legacy applications alongside new versions, migrate applications to new environments and to restore systems in post-disaster scenarios.

Ease of Testing and Development: Because Virtualization makes it easier to create different operating system environments, it speeds up the development and testing process.

In summary, there are many compelling reasons to consider Virtualization when looking at upgrading your existing IT network.

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