Crystal Tec’s SharePoint capability has served clients in construction, transport, medical, education and information technology industries.

Crystal Tec’s SharePoint capability has served clients in construction, transport, medical, education and information technology industries. We design, develop and maintain SharePoint based information systems in Australia using expert designers, developers and technicians. As a full service System Integrator, Crystal Tec can assist you with your cloud based collaboration solutions right throughout planning, development and deployment including maintenance, backup and disaster recovery.

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Our staff are Microsoft Certified trained professionals. Specializing in SharePoint infrastructure and development.

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Microsoft Office used to be a program that you just installed on your computer, create some documents which you would save somewhere, or email them to someone. File systems and emails have been around for over 40 years, this is prehistoric in IT Terms!

In earlier times, big businesses with a heavy IT dependence started to face challenges with these traditional methods and decided it was time for a rethink.

☑  Computers and servers were filling up with duplicate copies of documents in file systems and email accounts.

☑  Documents distributed across multiple locations and emails meant that governance and rights managment was difficult, if not impossible to manage.

☑  Co-Authoring documents requires manual merging which is dependent on individual staff administrating the versioning process and requests for versions were dependant on staff and vulnerable to human error.

☑  Finding the correct version of a document in large file repositories was time consuming, especially if folder hierarchies had not being strictly adhered to.

☑   Access to shared documents provided various geographical and technological challenges.

☑  Digital documents do not meet legal evidence requirements.

As time has passed and IT dependence has grown universally, technology developed for the needs of big business is now relevant to small business.

SharePoint is the new way to share

First launch in 2001 SharePoint was primary taken up by larger companies and by 2011 it was used by 78% of all fortune 500 companies. They had also sold over 36.5 million licenses during 2006 and 2011 making it Microsoft’s fastest growing server product. Now SharePoint is used across businesses of all sizes including very small business to address specific challenges. The uptake in Australia is trailing behind most of the developed world but we won’t be left behind.

SharePoint continues to evolve, recently the 2013 version was released and is also available on Office 365, this provides accessibility to SharePoint for everyone and now is a great time to get on board.

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