Health Information Exchange

We support an efficient medical service environment via health information platforms.


About Us

About Crystal Tec

Crystaltec is an IT Systems Management company, specializing in Windows Server, Network Maintenance and Cloud Computing Hosted Services. The company has been operating since 2002 with offices in Gold Coast and Bryon Bay. Crystaltec adopts a complete approach to businesses IT needs. Crystaltec focus on maintaining the business IT systems at their optimum level. This means that the IT systems are perfectly matched to scale as the business grows.



TPLUS is the leading company in South Korea in area of healthcare solutions. TPLUS focuses on the development of medical image contents for 99.9% precise diagnosis through machine learning and PACS system based on big data and Health Information Exchange. TPLUS has been providing medical information solutions to around 500 medical institutions.

Crystal Tec + TPLUS

The partnership of Crystaltec and TPLUS creates synergy in providing excellent end-to-end solutions delivery and support for Health Information System. Our mission is to deliver a reliable, affordable and state of the art Health Information System in Asia Pacific Region. Our vision is to be an instrumental in the improvement in health care industry though leveraging the power of Health Information System.

Product Information

PACS Viewer

Provides an excellent image viewing interfacefor diagnosis medical personnel.

Product Feature

• 4 monitor support for diagnosis viewer
• Worklist, Wwwl, Zoom, Pan and ScrollRotation
• DICOM Send and Receive
• DICOM Printer Support
• DICOM 3.0 Standard
• Simple GUI and simple handling protocol



PACS Server

Centralize system for storing and processing images.

Product Feature

• DICOM Store SCP and DICOM Worklist SCP
• DICOM Standard 3.0
• Oracle Database
• JPEG 2000 LosslessCompression
• Backup, Fault Tolerance
• CD Manager

DICOM Gateway

Provides an interface between the Analog Devices and PACS Server

Product Feature

• Converting Analog Images to DICOM-JPEG or DICOM-MPEG
• Worklist History
• DICOM 3.0 Standard
• Local Mode Support
• G/W can be configured with just a CT/MR Mini PACS in small Clinic
• Includes DICOM Viewer and DICOM Sender
• MPEG DICOM File Support.



Patients direct delivery of medical records,
prescriptions doctor’s notes and imaging CDs for medical treatment.
Lack of communication between medical institutions.
Increase in a burden on medical cost due to
diagnosis, duplicate prescriptions and retakes.
Lack of information exchange between hospitals and preventive activities for contagious diseases (SARS,MERS,etc.)


Minimize duplicate examinations, prevent medical records from loss or damages and imaging CDs and doctor’s notes form disappearance.
Improve communication between medical
institutions to easily check medical information and prevent medical accidents.
Improve accessibility to hospitals, reduce medical costs and decrease medical record administration.
Prevent the spread of hazardous diseases easily, track the specific patients, and process statistical


Dose Tracker

DOSE Tracker is the total patient radiationdose monitoring solutions. It monitors,tracks, and reports the radiation receive bypatients for improve patient care.

Product Feature

Access to radiation dose
• Multi-vendor and multi-modality X-Ray support
• Acquisition of DLP, DAP, CTDI, etc.
• Various interface types of DoseInformation

Statistics and Report
• Patient Dose Management usingstatistics and functions
• Patient History management
• Data Export
• Automatic Dose Report
• Automatic Alert