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CrystalTec adopts a complete approach to your IT needs. We enter a business relationship with you based on the premise that prevention is better than cure.

We focus on maintaining your systems at their optimum level. This means that as your business grows, your systems are perfectly matched to accelerate you forward.

A CrystalTec Service Agreement - Your Productivity Depends On It

Planning ahead for up-time of your Windows Server and Network systems is vital for your business.
A Service Agreement ensures that your equipment is operating effectively, and your staff are happy and productive.





Computer Support

Crystal Tec provides expert computer supports for your Windows Server and Networking systems.

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Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing is a new way of accessing computer power using the power of the internet and virtualization technology.

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Need to upgrade your network? Don’t have the budget to buy all new hardware? Virtualization is the answer.

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Business IT Solutions

Crystal Tec enters a business relationship with you based on the premise that prevention is better than cure.

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Web Developments

Building your own website?
Let us know how we can help! Crystal Tec offers Web Development Services to help you build a beautiful and professional website.
Get in touch with us to learn more.

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Need to optimize your E-Commerce website? Crystal Tec can help you design your E-Commerce website and development of your enterprise system to unleash the potential of your online business.

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Medical Software

Crystal Tec offers a Total Patient Radiation Dose Monitoring Solution for as low as reasonably achievable.

We can also help you to setup/install medical software, database server, etc.

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Business Automation

Need management support for your business?
Crystal Tec can help you in support management of all the business aspects of a web hosting service to help you maximize your revenues.

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